Monday, July 1, 2013

Modeling My Natural Hair on Fox 45 News

I was honored to be chosen as a model for the morning news!! We were featured for "Makeover Monday" on Fox 45 during a segment on how to care for and wear natural hair in the summer months. It was too cool seeing the setup of the studio, talking with my favorite news anchor, Patrice, and having my cell phone and social media blow up with messages of, "I just saw you on TV!" (lol) Even the natural hair brand, Oyin, contacted me afterwards and thanked me for doing a great job. Outside of being on TV, what I found super exciting was that Candace Dold, the fashion forward meteorologist, ran up to me right before we started filming and emphatically asked where I got my shoes! She even tweeted me later about where to get them. I was too pumped about this enlightening, positive experience! :)

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