Saturday, June 29, 2013

High Heels for Hope

I shared a day of golf with Ms. Maryland and Ms. Maryland Classic Essence, at the Pine Ridge Driving Range in Lutherville, MD. I was more than happy to support “High Heels For Hope”, a fundraiser for the House of Ruth, a shelter for women who have been involved in domestic violence. The objective was to pay for balls and play them with heels on--even the men! This sounds very much like another event that I participate in annually, Walk a Mile In Her Shoes. 

Witnessing domestic violence in my childhood in my home was devastating to my family and has long term effects, especially on relationships. I am always seeking ways to prevent this catastrophe from occurring in other households. 

I was too excited to hit my fourth ball 100 yards--the length of a football field! (I needed support as this was my first time EVER golfing, lol) It was fun, especially sharing the experience with my sister queens. We even got sunglasses, a gift card and tote bag from DSW Shoes!! That was a hole-in-one! :)

Ms. Maryland, Ms. Classic Maryland and Mrs. Maryland Essence score with DSW Shoes!

During my first time ever playing golf, I hit 100 yards on my fourth ball! :)

With the coordinators of the event from the House of Ruth. They were so kind to us!

The men did not get off easy! Shoes in mens sizes were available for their golfing experience. ;)

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