Monday, January 3, 2011

Adopting Grandparents...

During the month of December, my friend, Michelle Field, all the way in Colorado, asked businesses and friends to adopt a grandparent. This would give a person living in a local retirement community a gift that they otherwise would not receive for the holiday. 

Why not? I remember a time when I could say I had never lost a loved one... Beginning the day before my birthday in 2004, that all changed with the death of my grandmother, Louise Tisdal. As of the summer 2010, I lost  my remaining grandparents, George and Alice Smith. I even had an elderly couple from my church adopt me: Deacon and Evangelist Carroll, who I proudly picked up for church when I got my first car. They would call me for frequent visits... I miss them so much.  However, I have no regrets; each of them knew how much I loved them through my visits, hugs, notes and cards sent by mail and most of all, my actions. I embraced an opportunity to show other elderly people the same love through similar actions. 

Michelle is a jewel for even initiating this special occasion and seeing it through. She took ten gifts to the Johnson Center in Denver, Colorado.  The businesses that gave are Urban Home, Bellezza Boutique and Denver Spring and Suspension. Other than myself, the individuals who donated were E-Dee Martin, Sarah Buffum, and Michelle Medina.

Each gift bag included two Mary Kay items. Shown here is the Satin Hands. A wonderful hand cream.

  Extra Emollient Night Cream was also included. This is a luxurious cream for the face.

A pair of gloves were added to keep fingers toasty in our cold Denver winter.

Michelle put all these items in a shiny bag wrapped in tissue paper. The bags looked so festive when she finished putting them together. Michelle was so excited to deliver these bags knowing it would brighten the day for someone who might otherwise not receive any gifts this holiday season.

Although it was a downright cold day when she delivered the gift bags to the Johnson Center, Michelle's heart was warmed by the generosity of others and her (she says "small", I say "LARGE") part in warming one of our elders hearts. Michelle plans to do this again next year... so do I.  :)
Thank you for your generosity, Michelle! I love and miss you, queen!

In Loving Memory: 
Louise Tisdal

 George & Alice Smith

 Deacon & Evangelist Carroll, my adoptive "parents" from Baltimore, Maryland.


  1. Very Cool! And great idea Michelle. I'm sure they were so happy.

  2. Wow, I am speechless, and you know how rare that is. Thank you for featuring me. Miss you, too!


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