Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spending the Day with Queens & Much Laughter!

Today was a cool day as I spent it with Shana, my Facebook Boo and Mrs. Delaware America 2011, and Angie Hionis-Bell, Mrs. Punkin Chunkin United States 2011.

Mardis and I started an early day, traveling to Delaware. The husbands hung out while the wives hung out. Shana, Angie and I traveled to New Jersey and got the opportunity to meet the cast of Jersey Couture!

These fabulous and beautiful gals were loads of fun and laughs! The reality show was a reality--these women do not waiver... :)

Afterwards, I enjoyed one of the most fabulous meals I have had since leaving North Carolina after college and moving to Maryland! We ate lunch at Delta's restaurant in New Jersey. The highlight of our meal was supposed to be the fried alligator we sampled, but I clearly enjoyed my turkey wings and gravy the most! During our lunch, Shana and I schooled Angie on various things like what having the "itis" means and decoding text language acronyms, which was truly a lesson full of surprises and laughter. We enjoyed a heavy meal for such a long ride home, but it was worth it! I am looking forward to going back!

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