Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 12th Annual Men of Strength Awards

I gladly volunteered at the National Press Club this evening as Men Can Stop Rape kicked off the school year and honored three DC teens for their contributions in promoting healthy relationships and nonviolence in their communities.
Terrill Wise, Jonathan Wade, and Anwar Muhammad Nur are all participants or graduates of the organization’s Men of Strength Club, a teen dating and sexual violence prevention curriculum taught in every public middle school and high school in the District. Terrill, Jonathan, and Anwar have all 
demonstrated an outstanding commitment to being a “man of strength,” serving their communities through volunteer activities, and speaking out about the importance of men’s involvement in stopping violence against women.
It was so inspiring and impressive to see! Anwar was not physically present as he is currently studying abroad in Japan! We viewed a thank you video from him, where he displayed that he has learned Japanese, for his award. 
I actually chatted with Johnathan Wade and his family. I don't think I have ever been more impressed... This event truly inspired me!
With Johnathan Wade

With other MOST club members

Men Can Stop Rape also debuted their new anti-bullying and harassment poster awareness campaign for middle school boys (“YMOST: Young Men of Strength”) and their educational film (“Use Your Strength”) which follows young men's growth through our high school and college programs. Two hilarious college students and graduates of MOST Club, Rafael Suarez and William Harris, emceed the event. 

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