Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swiss Randoms...

A police car... even though I have only seen 1 female police officer, 1 time, on foot! Crime is almost nonexistent for the Swiss. 

~Gambling is a favorite pastime here. When I go out to lunch at La Lorraine's, I have watched people spend the entire hour at the gambling machine!

~The sun rises earlier and sets earlier, which makes the days seem so much longer than I am used to. 

~The entire country shuts down early, between 6-6:30 p.m. Whatever I need as far as groceries or supplies must be purchased early in the day!

~I don't see trash in the streets, at all. The grounds are covered in a bright green grass and blooming wild flowers. 

~People do not pay tips when eating out. As a result, the service may not be as pleasant as Americans are generally used to. 

~In my observation, obesity is not an issue here. Because the Swiss do much walking up and down mountains, they seem to also get regular exercise! 

~European windows are cool! They open 2 ways: horizontally like doors or perpendicular at an angle, allowing just enough of an opening to let in fresh air. 

~Wild animals are more domesticated. Butterflies will sit on your hands and birds will stand beside you in the street or eat along beside you in a restaurant (which I have witnessed!).

A beautifully gardened florist shop...

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