Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closing Activities for the First Session of Leysin American School

Picture left: Tala (Palestine) and I

This was a great experience! The students, who bonded over the course of 3 weeks while learning together had to say goodbye. Many will be returning their country and some will adventure to another part of world, like Paris, Greece, Italy, and England, via a Highlight tour.

Today was dedicated to closing activities, where the students dressed in formal attire and celebrated the end of their session. It began with a banquet style food spread in the cafeteria. It followed with a Sound of Music musical (wonderfully performed by students) an art show and an awards ceremony. The awards ceremony showcased the national song or anthem of the various countries in which the students were from. 

My "nephews" from France, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Maie and Laura from Saudi Arabia in their traditional garments.

The Sound of Music Musical

Tala's painting of Palestine's Dome of the Rock for art show.

Helen's sunset...

Christina, my friend and a Beau Site dorm head from England, and I

Friends from Japan...

My silly friends! Always laughing, smiling and playing...

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