Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Family 13 Social Night

Family 13

Tonight was great fun! Wendi prepared for an ice cream social with our family. These were the most interactive and lively students I have encountered on this trip! It began with Wendi scooping ice cream while I poured the soda. (Do you think the sugar got the kids hyped up?? LOL) Some of the students of course, had never had an ice cream float before and they were apprehensive to try it. However, after they did they wanted more! It was so neat to share their experience of their first ice cream float.

Next, we split into two groups: one group played Poker with chocolates and the other group played Uno. Those who know me well know what game I led! ;) I don't gamble and I really have no knowledge of those types of games. However, I have been playing Uno since childhood and consider myself to be the Ultimate Uno player! I asked, "Who wants to get beat at Uno?!?" Marwan, from Saudi Arabia, challenged me and was 100% determined to beat me. We began playing with 4 people. After Marwan cheated several times, making up rules along the way, he won the first round--but seriously, he cheated!! :) Excitedly, he cheered and I complained, lol.

Marwan starts cheating...
I explain to him that he is cheating...
He realizes that he got caught... but I still drew 4 cards, lol!
Marwan celebrates his victory!

I challenged him to a one-to-one rematch. With boldness and confidence, he accepted. After less than ten minutes of "Auntie Q" (or Q-Tip as Gabe from Canada called me, lol) versus Marwan, I won the game! I celebrated and Marwan celebrated with me exclaiming that I went from an aunt to his sister. Awww... the love!
The one-to-one challenge begins...
I was not playing with him... lol.
I WON! :)
Marwan did not know how to take his defeat... lol. 

Afterwards, we taught French students how to play Uno. After a few more rounds, I realized that our deck only had two colors: blue and green! LOL! I knew the deck looked kind of small, but I figured Swiss Uno decks were just made that way! I laughed so hard at this realization...

Finally, we split into two teams to play charades. We put on our game faces and prepared for battle. The other team went first and we followed with the very energetic Marwan. He acted out milking a cow and 50 cent, the rapper. I acted out Mariah Carey (which took them a while to figure out as I imitated her overactive, fluttery singing fingers!) and a mountain. LOL, the adults guessed the mountain as I simply bent over as if I was a tall peak.
The "Bird" Team
The "Monkey" Team (as named by Marwan)

Later, Wendi and I headed over to Kristen's apartment for a snack party. I believe it was by invite only, but it was great late night company and eating. We had fruit (raspberries, cherries, grapes and peaches), cheese (pineapple cheese and Gruyere herb cheese), crackers and special nachos made by Allie. We laughed and joked for a while. My throat, which became scratchy at the Family Social Night, began to feel worse. Terribly worried that I may have been coming down with a cold, I went home. I took tylenol, snuggled up in thick pajamas and went to bed.

What an eventful day! :D

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