Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate Factory Family Trip!

Today was too cool! I went to Wendi's French class just to observe and learned just a little more French! :) It was nice to see diverse students putting a sincere effort into learning.

Afterwards, we headed to the cafeteria for lunch, where I was able to meet up with a Queendom T.E.A. 2010 Diamond Dove, Gina. She looked great and exclaimed that she was having a great time. She shared that she met the prince of Saudi Arabia, learned how to play the guitar and will be going on a trip next week to Paris with other students. I was so excited to see one of my queens doing so well!  \^^^/

Following lunch, we left for our "Family Trip". I was a member of Wendi's family (of course), Family 13. There are approximately 16 families, groups of "sons" and "daughters" who have "parents" (the adult LAS worker). Wendi said I would be Auntie. :)

Our family took an hour and a half coach bus ride down the mountain. I will admit, it was a scary ride, looking like we could drive right off the side of the mountain. But, we made it! (Thank you, Jesus... I find myself internally saying this so often.)

This bus is so cool! The door is in the middle! :)

We arrived at the beautifully built La Maison Cailler, Cailler Mansion, for a lively, enlightening and interactive educational tour. It was so cool--going into about 9 rooms that told the story of how chocolate came to be and evolved over the years. The tour ended with a fabulous variety of chocolates taste test and an inside look at the factory. Afterwards, I purchased souvenir chocolate, post cards and a tin box to store it all in to be elegantly presented to my hubby! :)
(Above Photo: the side of La Maison Cailler)

Wendi and I in front of La Maison Cailler
Old Advertisement for Cailler Chocolates
Thomas and I attempting to reenact the poster behind us. LOL... 
Some of the girls and I
This was the beginning of the chocolate candy creation. Long strips of chocolate are cut into shorter sticks as shown. 
The short chocolate strips are then coated again in chocolate!
Chocolate candies are then packaged as shown. 
Voila! Final product... which we got to eat!
Tub of chocolate being mixed...
I left a note on the chocolate wall of fame! :D
The tasting room! The best part of the tour... lol!
Wendi showcasing one wall of chocolate. :)

After the 2 hour ride home and dinner of beef, cornmeal mush, purple cabbage and Asian noodles, I volunteered again with Wendi on dorm duty. After all of the girls got dressed up, we headed over to the LAS gymnasium for the "Sharing Your World" Talent Show presented by the students and Theatre International. WOW! These kids do not only sing; they play piano hanging upside down, act, play guitars or play as a part of a band while singing! I enjoyed Laura's hip hop dance and Nasser's Michael Jackson "Beat It" dance (of course, it's MJ!). This was not your typical talent show--it was extraordinary! This went beyond my expectations! I was especially impressed because the students prepared for the show in only 2 weeks. Also, everyone was supportive of each other. There were no negatives comments, loud talking or "boo-ing"--just praise and clapping after each performance.

Can't I just take these kids home with me? LOL...

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