Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Response to Oprah's Conversation with Child Molesters

It was so disheartening to see that there were 14 pages of people leaving comments on Oprah's website after her interview with child molesters... However, I am glad to see so many speaking out--even if it was for the first time. 

In order to offer encouragement to the many wounded hearts, Carolyn Washington-White, founder of Sisters 4 Sisters, Inc., and I organized a informative teleconference, Tuesday LOVE Talk Tonight, (the day after Oprah's interviews) where we exclusively discussed childhood sexual abuse. 

Many joined in on the call. A few felt comfortable identifying themselves and discussing the issue. I was thankful for two reasons: 1) God opened the door for me through Sisters 4 Sisters, Inc., 2) God gave me a mind to proceed with this very important work. 

My goal now: to go on the Oprah show...

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