Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Uniformed

Across the Atlantic
Floats our cries
By the freshwater of Lake Tanganyika
We used to seek an ally
As our tears dissolve in unknown footprints
We hide from those in uniform
Men who were sent to defend us
But the second deadliest war was born
They are supposed to guard the Congo
With us, they should befriend
Breeding pride, greed and lust in their hearts
To this war, we see no end
Where Carpe Diem is no longer
Seize the day
But seize the Congolese women and children
They don't defend us in this fray
They turned our innocent children into soldiers
But do not teach them peace
Making life for us precarious
Will the 45,000 deaths per month cease?
We keep our faith after many rapes
Though we cannot see through this putrid storm
We are the Congolese Women
Who will always be afraid of those, uninvited in uniform

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