Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Learning About Edison

I cannot believe that Juliana, my ePal, and I have already read three books together! We should be proud of our hard work so far. I wonder how many books we will read by the end of the year…

We just finished a biography about Thomas Edison. I was fascinated by Edison. He accomplished so much in his life! I am so thankful he invented the light bulb because I do not know what I would do without light. From his life, I learned that success does not come immediately. We must always work hard and not give up!

Out of the top five inventions according to the book (automobile, light bulb, telephone, television and aspirin), I am most grateful for the automobile. Because of my many volunteer experiences, I have many places that I travel to, like the capitol, even though I still ending walking 28+ blocks... I least use the television (I don't even have cable!). I spend most of my time teaching, volunteering, reading and writing.

I cannot wait for Juliana’s next letter! On to our next book....

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