Sunday, September 16, 2012

Natural is Not a Fad

Natural is Not a Fad is hosted by Koils by Nature in DC. If you paid in advance, the event was only $20. I did not get the opportunity too, so I paid $25 at the door. Unfortunately, they ran out of the gift bags for attendees, but Pamela Jenkins, CEO and creator of both the event and the brand, hooked me up with a very special swag bag! :)

I was interviewed for a natural hair documentary. Of course, I was asked about being a natural girl in pageantry. This was fun and I look forward to seeing the results!
 Pageantry has given me plenty of interview practice! LOL! :)
 I love the camera!! (*smile*)
 My buddy and the CEO of Sylk Cosmetics, Tiffany Jeffers, won Dr. Phoeynx Austin's book, If You Love It, It Will Grow. We had the pleasure of sitting in her workshop at this event. One take away for me is that weaves contribute to hair loss if your hair is not properly cared for.

 With some of the panelists during the event! Pictured with Natural Chica, a twitter friend, Mama Naturalista, Aevin Jude and Beautiful Brown Baby Doll.
 Would you believe that this young lady, Mica, was sitting at a desk in my classroom for freshman English years ago? The other students used to call her my twin! Now, she is really my twin as we are both rocking our natural hair! I love her! :)
 With Mama Naturalista and Mica
 The host had to get a photo too! 
 Honored to have met the creator of Koils by Nature, Pamela. She is such a true natural beauty and she was so kind. I am looking forward to trying her products!
 My tweethearts! :)
 With Mae, "Natural Chica". I am such a fan and she is such a beauty! 
 I love my fellow Natural Queen and sister, Ko, Mrs. DC U.S. United! :) She is such a valuable and knowledgeable resource of all things fashion, hair and modeling. I absolutely love her for all that she has done for me...
 Today was a great day... I was feeling it at this moment, lol. I adored my Outfit of the day as well. 

Shirt: (lavendar) Ebay
Capris: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
So thankful to have been accompanied by great friends like Tiffany. I am looking forward to sharing the next event! :)

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