Saturday, March 31, 2012

Modeling for the Hot Media International Film Festival

Maria Beall and I were "trophy girls" at the 1st Annual Hot Media International Film Festival! It was a wonderful experience and I felt absolutely beautiful. :) I am so thankful to Connie Lamothe, who extended this amazing opportunity to us. I was honored to be introduced as Mrs. Maryland Beautiful 2012.

The Hot Media International Film Festival (HMIFF) is an independent competitive film festival that showcases the work of Independent filmmakers from around the Globe.  HMIFF was established to celebrate and provide a global platform to the achievement of independent artists.
HMIFF 2012 will be giving multiple awards that range from the art of character portrayals to the artistry displayed behind the camera.
Gala Awards Banquet were held in Washington, D.C. Awards were given to multiple categories including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Roles, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original soundtrack, Best Hip-Hop, Best Rock, Best Alternative Rock and many others.
I got this dress on ebay! I love the lace at the top and the feel of satin fabric. It was perfect for this occasion, even though I purchased it just because I liked it... lol. 
I was very proud of how I applied my dramatic eye make up! :) I matched the colors on my eyes to the periwinkle and lavender colored, rhinestone earrings. 
Maria is such a beautiful queen! :)
Trophies, shining and heavy! Congrats to the winners!
With previous Miss Liberia! She was very kind to me...
With Blaise Sitchet, a film producer who offered me an acting opportunity and gave me many compliments. He, too, was very kind to me! I told him that I am a teacher and still in school; he replied, "Beautiful and smart! You don't belong in a school. You belong on tv!"
With Araba Dadson, President and Host of African Lifestyle talk show. She offered me the opportunity to share my story of surviving child sexual abuse on her show. I am very grateful... 

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