Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black Doll Christmas in July & Ice Cream Social

 Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Black Dolls did! We celebrated this month nationally at various ice cream parlors with little girls by giving them the gift of encouragement and, of course, a black doll.

I was especially excited for this playdate because I got the opportunity to catch up with the beautiful "Ko" and my BFF, Raise (a.k.a "Rice", lol). We had such a great time--I wouldn't have had it any other way! What was really cool about this meetup was how many people came up to us and asked who we were (did we look official? I guess so!). We got many compliments on our appearance and especially our hair!

I was especially touched when I approached a family, offering the information on the Black Doll Affair and the black dolls I was getting ready to offer his darling daughter. His response, skeptically, was, "How much is it?" (LOL!) This was the first time I have ever had someone think there was a fee! When I shared with the family that we were giving their daughter the doll free of charge JUST remind her of her beauty, they were overjoyed with thanks! The mother even shared with me that she spent some time living in Africa and she has had a hard time finding black dolls in the United States. The mother was especially thankful not only for the doll, but for what the entire Black Doll Affair organization offers our youth. :) 
♥ Be a Doll, Give a Doll!  

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