Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pageant Success Expo to "Be Victorious"!

Be Victorious (BV) Pageant and Image Prep hosted various vendors and speakers that it believes are critical to pageant success during the 2011 Pageant Success Expo.

This event was originally created as a way for BV clients to meet a few necessary vendors, but expanded to the entire mid-atlantic region and beyond, to answer the need of pageant girls everywhere who needed that suit, gown, or jewelry item - or even need to meet with a speaking coach, to learn the difference between a model walk and an evening gown walk, and much more!

This expo was fun, informational and necessary in the mid-atlantic area because we don't have many events like this (let alone gown shops) around! 

All proceeds of the ticket purchases benefited Children's Miracle Network! Victory Mohamed and her team did a phenomenal job! I will be back for the next one!

With the beautiful designer of Arabesque Jewelry! I am wearing her custom made earrings in this photo! :)
"Creating the Attitude of a Winner" Workshop Facilitator, Cheryl Wood. She was so upbeat and inspiring!
Beautiful Queens!

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