Friday, April 1, 2011

Promoting SAAM on the Big Sis & Co. Show

I was honored to be a guest on the Big Sis & Company show, along with "Beautiful Believer", a survivor and gifted poet, and Ed Kittrell, founder of, to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2011.
 With Big Sis and the other guests!

 Getting ready to go live...
 The best mic check lady in the world! :)

A Sneak Peak:

Show Info:
Fairfax Public Access Channel 10
Showing Times:
Wednesday @ 5:00pm
Thursday @ 5:30 am
Saturday @ 1:00pm
Big Sis & Company - Focused On The Issues- a weekly local talk show designed to discuss the issues facing the community. Besides, relationship advice, finance, health, fitness, and other issues, they also spotlight local folks in the community doing something positive through music, art, business, etc. A special thank you to Liletta Thompson, talk show host, for publicly promoting this important cause. 

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