Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Thoughts at This Moment...

Instead of looking at a survivor, saying they need to forgive and heal,
Analyze the situation and realize that the issue is real. 
Don't judge, put down or ostracize
If it happened to you, you wouldn't want it minimized. 
Instead help the survivor up, to look past their scar,
Especially if you are who you say you are.
Instead of offering love, prayers and support,
You stay "positive", yet choose to ignore.
No worries, it will all work out,
They'll be successful without a doubt.
It's easy to run your mouth when it didn't happen to you,
God forbid if it did, ignorance equals not knowing what to do.
Please, don't attend my funeral or shed a tear for me,
While I am alive is when you have a responsibility.
From victim to victor,
No longer silent anymore.
To my fellow survivors, don't give up, worry or fret,
God has not finished with you yet...

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