Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I LOVE My Queens!

I have been busy out of my mind with Queendom T.E.A. for the past few months! I am too excited to have additional support and help this year, not only from Stop the Silence, but also six new mentors! As a result, we have doubled the number of girls we had last year! We have also added a new age group for middle school girls. 

Yesterday, we held a Messages of Thanks workshop. Normally, the middle and high school girls have separate meetings, however, we joined our groups together, shared about themselves, what they were thankful for and socialized with new people in the Queendom T.E.A. groups. 

In the middle of a stressful school day, one of the queens, who just happened to find me in the hall, walked up to me and said she wanted to present me with a gift. How thoughtful! She not only wanted to present to me but she also noted that she could not wait to see my reaction. It was a beautiful brooch of gold flowers with purple stones--a special addition to my jewelry that I will wear out, just because it was from her. 

To honor Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer survivors in October (during the awareness month), we held an expo, Think Pink with Purple Hearts. What a success! We invited all of the girls in the girls in the middle and high school (they did not have to be members of Queendom T.E.A.). The queens did all of the work, painting the nails of the participants, applying make-up, giving hand massages, moving the participants from group to group, keeping the room clean, collecting donations, etc. I was so thankful for them. The girls in Queendom T.E.A. truly work hard to see its success!
 My best friends joined me for this day... thank you.
 Mothyna James-Brightful of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation sponsored the event and hosted mini workshops for the girls on healthy relationships.  
"We are so grateful to Mrs. LaQuisha Hall for being a great friend to us and founding this amazing group." (HWHN Facebook photo album)
 Another dear friend, Angel Richardson (pictured with her beautiful girls) also led a workshop: Creating a Vision Board and Domestic Violence Awareness.
 The girls create vision boards...
Another pal, Marie Lilly, of Turn Around, Inc., led a domestic violence workshop. 
 Queendom T.E.A. girls were so excited... so were the participants! 

  High School Participants
 Wendi Shumard, a Queendom T.E.A. High School Mentor, leads a workshop for middle school girls where she teaches the girls about their breasts. Many girls did not even know their bra sizes until this day. Powerful!
Middle School Participants

I must say, after hours and hours and three and half years of working on this now, I have no regrets. Looking forward to new things... 
To see more photos and receive updates, visit: http://queendomtea.ning.com/


  1. LaQuisha, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

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