Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 Things I am Thankful For...

  1. The men of my life who always keep me protected: Jesus, for saving my life, my husband and my dad for their undying love and dedication to me
  2. The friendship and support of the mentors and queens of Queendom T.E.A. for always giving me something to look forward to
  3. My family, those who are living and those who taught me so much but are no longer here...
  4. A warm, beautiful home in the cold weather...
  5. TC, my truck and Boobie, my cat :)
  6. Having a job, although it is a tough one!
  7. My dear friend, Shana Williams, winning the title of Mrs. Delaware America 2011!
  8. Great friends!
  9. Past experiences and finding out who my true friends are... ESPECIALLY in pageantry. (This past year/summer, after asking a friend for help with a pageant and after not hearing from her for months, I found out the reason she did not help me is because she was doing the pageant herself! However, she told me and others a different reason then tried to say I wronged her. Also, to date, I still have not received prizes or money owed from a previous reign... No worries, I am thankful!)
  10. Life. (At one point, I thought I would no longer be here. Thank God that He has a plan!)

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