Friday, August 20, 2010

Judging the 2010 Peach Blossom Pageant

I had the pleasure of judging the Peach Blossom Pageants in Middletown, Delaware tonight along with Allison Zmuda, Mrs. Maryland United States 2010, and Dr. Ellie Steenson, Mrs. Delaware United States 2008.  This was such a cute little pageant where children ages 5 to ladies 21+ who were married competed for the following titles:  Tiny Miss, Little Miss, Jr. Miss, Miss Teen, Miss and Mrs. Peach Blossom!!  There were over 40+ people in the pageant!! 

Congratulations to all the contestants and to the new Peach Blossom queens will ride in the Peach Festival Parade tomorrow morning - they will have blast.  

Tiny Miss Peach Blossom:  Ava Rae Funds
Little Miss Peach Blossom:  Kayla Godwin
Jr. Miss Peach Blossom:  Courtney Cochran
Miss Teen Peach Blossom:  Marlee Alsberg
Miss Peach Blossom:  Shannon Smith
Mrs. Peach Blossom:  Fawn Stoms

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  1. You forgot to add "And after the event, I reconnected with one of my dearest friends, Shana Williams. We had a wonderful meal and dessert and caught up on old times. I can't wait until I get to hang out with her again." LOL!


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