Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The following pictures are unusual things in the U.S. because of their Swiss origin: 
The above and below picture is of a rock that fell off of a mountain and rolled through the library of Leysin. The town turned it into a memorial fountain! The library had to be renovated after the damage of this rock.

The above and below picture is of Swiss cars. The red car, which is like a small jeep, is a Daihatsu. The navy blue car is just unique in appearance (I was not able to get the name).

The hotel above is not really unique. I took a picture of it because it has the first name of a past English teacher mentor, Regina Bullock.
The above picture is of the key I use for my hotel room. Below, the door's key hole, which you can see right through (just like in old movies!). I stuffed the key hole with toilet paper while I was in the room... :)

In the above picture is Swiss Choco Croc cereal F2.95 (F=Franks). Below are pictures of my choices of snack thus far: Honey Shreddies, pretzel sticks and Nutella.

The orange Fanta, looks harmless on the outside, but I was surprised by the inside. This did not taste like U.S. soda, but more like seltzer water with a pinch of orange flavoring.
While I did not drink the juice above, I did think it was neat. It is Beauty Colada and supposedly tastes just like Pina Colada.

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