Sunday, July 11, 2010


(Picture left: my room)
I am finally somewhat settled. My goal was to stay up as late in the day as possible, so I had to keep myself busy! :) After checking in on my pageant pals (CONGRATS Yolanda and Adrianne on your 2011 Galaxy International titles!!), I updated Facebook friends of my safe arrival. Then, Wendi and I walked into town for lunch.

During the walk, I continued to breathe the most fresh air ever in my life. Although, during walking, it is easy to run out of breath because of the altitude of the Swiss mountain. I did not see trash in the streets--all I saw were quaint homes, beautiful flowers, a skyline filled with rows and rows of mountains and cute little shops. Not many cars (Swiss pay for gas by the liter instead of the gallon!) on the road and many were on foot with their children. I viewed the area in which I would be staying, however I ended up staying with Wendi tonight to beat the loneliness/homesick feeling.

Wendi and I went to La Farandole, a tea room, croissanterie and cyber cafe in Leysin. I realized that I kept excitedly saying "hi" or "hello" as if I was in the United States, lol. Then, I would quickly reply "bonjour!". Based on the limited French I knew, I was able to read most of the menu and I was proud of it. I had a croissant jambon (ham inside a croissant) and a Coca-Cola. The Coke was neat because it came in a glass bottle, like Coke bottles from the 1980s (when I was born, lol).

From lunch, we walked to the grocery store. Every aisle contained chocolate!! I picked up pretzel sticks and nutella--a suggested European snack. Oh, was this a good one too!! :) I plan to continue the habit of this snack when I return to the United States! I also purchased Evian water, which I was told I did not have to do because all water in Switzerland, from faucets, water fountains, etc. is Evian water. Evian, the town, is on Lake Geneva and only an hour away from Leysin. Evian water is basically glacier water that has melted and been filted over hundreds of years. The water used in Switzerland comes from the same source--what a shower!! My skin will be receiving spa-like water treatment for almost a month! :)

The following photos are the views from the balcony of my room:


  1. I'm SO SO SO excited for you and can't wait to read about more of your adventures!

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    LaQuisha thanks so much for sharing your pics and experiences. I am looking forward to reading your blog so keep it updated. LOL

    - Montressa


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