Sunday, June 27, 2010

Supporting a Miss Maryland Contestant!

My husband and I went out to go bowling. Instead of driving to our usual, close bowling alley, he drove us out a little farther to a different bowling alley, which puzzled me. Nevertheless, I tagged along. We got there and Mardis was not able to use his "bowling vouchers" so we proceeded to leave to go back to our usual bowling alley. As we were walking out the door, a lady stopped me and asked if I wanted to buy a raffle ticket. I looked down at the paper in her hand and it had "Maryland Galaxy 2011 Pageants" at the top. I asked her what she was doing, looking around for other people I knew. She said she was fundraising for her daughter. After sharing with her that I was MRS. queen, she, her family, supporters and daughter became excited and enthusiastic! She even had my name and arrival announced on the intercom in the alley, LOL! :D

What I found out was that her daughter did not have all of her sponsorship money and was concerned about staying in the competition. She lived near me (convenient!) and wears my clothing size (extra convenient!!). So... I will be assisting her gain the title of Miss Maryland in only a few short weeks. She was so touched and said that God had sent me to her--who are we to doubt what God can do!?? This was just as touching for me because I am so thankful that God used little ole' me to help this beautiful young lady... 

♥ I just thank God for the opportunity to help others, which I find myself doing a lot. But you know what, it always, ALWAYS, comes back to me tenfold!! I thank God for Jesus...

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