Monday, February 15, 2010

Girls Workshop Presenter for the 2010 Elijah Cummings Teen Leadership Summit

With Daniel Beaty, award-winning actor, singer, & writer! Tamika Hall and I ate lunch with him and watched his powerful spoken word presentation to the youth at the Elijah Cummings Teen Leadership Summit.

For more info on Daniel Beaty, visit:

One of the winners of the "You are Special" game at the summit. She was too excited to receive Michael Jackson archives as a prize! :D
I presented my "You are Special" Workshop to teen girls at the summit.
I have not seen Crystal, the young lady pictured, for a year! She was a participant in my very first Queendom T.E.A group, First Crowns. I am so proud to see how much she has progressed.

What a uniting! I was so happy to see every woman in these pictures at the summit! :D

My beautiful workshop assistant, Ashanta Thomas, who wrote her own introduction of me based on "Google" research! :D LOL! I was touched by her kind words...

Michelle Field, such a beautiful and encouraging lady, met for the first time after all of our Facebook chatting at the Teen Leadership Summit. I was so pleased to spend 2 whole days of shopping and fun with her! :D

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