Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Join the Love Doesn't Leave Bruises Foundation!

Join the Love Doesn't Leave Bruises Foundation! I am proud to be a National Ambassador for this wonderful program.
The Love Doesn't Leave Bruises Foundation is an organization working to address and end dating violence by:
*Acting as an educational and informational resource for victims, abusers, advocates, etc.
*Advocating for dating violence on a local, national, and political level
*Providing a strong, unified voice for victims of dating violence and their children, domestic violence programs, and victim service providers
*Trainings, Support Groups, and National Campaigns targeting the eradication of dating violence.
We believe that dating violence should not be a way of life, and that being in a relationship does not permit abuse of any kind whether it be Emotional and Verbal abuse; Sexual Abuse, or Physical Abuse.
Don't Delay, sign up today! :D

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