Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Award from the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

I received this certificate today after speaking for the Women of Color Network's (Maryland) Conference in October. I also received wonderful feedback from those who attended via the evaluations. A few of the comments I received were:

"It was interesting to hear about healing that did not involve counseling. Such a strong and brave woman!"

"I support your cause and commend you for coming out and advocating. Best of luck, you were wonderful!" (This person also recommended to the event organizers that I be returned for future workshops!)

"Great speaker! Loved the balloon activity."


"Excellent--heartfelt presentation."

"Ms. Hall is extremely courageous and brutally honest in relaying her story. Your purpose and mission must be God's way of reaching so many women and girls who remain silent. Thank you, D. Sangster"

What a nice gift in the mail! :D

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  1. Continue doing your thing and being an inspiration to those that are lucky enough to meet you.


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