Saturday, October 31, 2009

Silent Tears No More: Domestic & Sexual Violence Empowerment Breakfast

I had an wonderful, powerful experience at the Silent Tears No More: Domestic and Sexual Violence Empowerment Breakfast!! I truly cannot express in words how awesome the experience was...
Cykethia Henderson, an expressive mime who truly loves the Lord. She did a great job miming to an encouraging gospel song.

With a wonderful photographer! One of two brothers, R/A Classic Photos is embarking on a small partnership with expansion possibilities.

Once again, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to share my story with a large audience (there were at least 200 audience members!). I was elated that many enjoyed the presention called, "The Queen Speaks" (thanks Carolyn!!). I realized today that while the topic I speak about may be taboo and dreary, I have the ability to keep the audience engaged and laughing! :D I can only thank God for this...

A few audience members engaged in the balloon activity!

Usually, I have to ask audience members to assist the "struggling" volunteer, but today's audience saw the need and came up on their own! Everyone attending this breakfast seemed to have a communal understanding of the importance of supporting each other...

So why did I have to speak right behind this beautiful and powerful song artist? I started my speech with, "I can't sing, but I do have something to say that you will like to hear: I survived!" LOL! I mean, Lanell Lightfoot, who is currently recording her own album, is an extremely tough act to follow!

I am pictured with Yvette Cade, a powerful blessing to the testimony of survival. I remember hearing about her story on the news and being horrified. On her website, she says, "Although my ex-husband came to my place of employment, doused me with gasoline and set me on fire, I am a survivor. I suffered third degree burns over 60% of my body, but I am a survivor. My flesh is scarred, my spirit is not. I am strong! If you are looking for a living witness that no matter what you have been through -- YOU CAN MAKE IT, here I am."

With a fellow survivor healing from sexual abuse...

With my new "family"... they came up to me immediately after the program ended and asked for a picture, claiming that I closely resembled their family member Dionne. They even gave me a picture of her! (Maybe I can scan and post later) I did look her! So, they are inviting me to the next family reunion! :D

With Singer-Actress, Tonya Blount, who sang "His Eye is on the Sparrow" with Lauren Hill in Sister Act II. She also sang it acapella today at the event... there is nothing like hearing the original!!

I won!! :D

Vikki Johnson, a preacher and phenomenal speaker!

Michael Chambers, a product of a violent and neglectful household who later became an abuser himself (he is now healed and doing much better)

I won this beautiful, custom created necklace/earring set during the silent auction! I am pictured with Monderrray Blassingame, the creator of this set and jeweler at The Jewel Chest.

This is definitely some hot jewelry! (Sorry Stella & Dot for cheating...;D) I cannot wait to get my next custom-created piece!

With the lovely founder of Sisters4Sisters, Inc., Carolyn Washington, who I am proud to know and work with. Each time I talk with her she goes on and on about how much I have helped her... I am not sure if she realizes just how many people she helps!! I had people come up to me today and say that they were listening in on the Victims Abused by Clergy conference call, which Carolyn organized. No telling how many people she encouraged that night. Also, the magnitude and quality of today's event was overwhelming... I am so proud to know her!

Pictured with Tammie Lee, a phenomenal praise poet!

I also reunited with Mildred Muhammad after first meeting her as Mrs. Owings Mills. She is the wife of Ex-Snipper John Muhammad, who will be executed this month.
What an awesome experience! I am very proud to be a member of Sisters4Sisters, Inc.!

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  1. Your story touched me. Thank you for opening up to set others free. Its awesome how God just shuts the devil down. We care the baggage but he lifts the weight. Glory! You keep standing out sister in Christ.


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