Friday, September 25, 2009

Domestic Violence Conference Keynote Speaker

I happily accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker at the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council's 3rd Annual Domestic Violence Conference, "In Plain Sight". What an experience! I spoke to 200+ professionals about the parallels between domestic violence and sexual assault. I later attended a powerful teen dating violence workshop.
This was the largest audience I have ever had a speaker! When I walked in to the room and saw the audience all I could do was internally pray. My desire was to say what needed to be heard--not what I wanted to say.
The audience was very attentive to the entire 45 minute presentation. While many things I shared (for example, statistics) they probably already knew, many of the audience members thanked me afterwards for helping them to remember the "basics" and link it to a survivor.

I cannot take credit for the idea of this interactive balloon activity! Tamika Hall, who has inspired me with the way she also captures audiences when speaking, gave me this idea. It has been so successful and useful in illustrating the importance of support...

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