Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 Reisterstown Festival

I had a great time at the Reisterstown Festival, even though it was a little cool outside! I met a wonderful and strong young man, Nathan Cabrera.

The Knock Out T-Shirt (KO TShirts) company was founded by Nathan Cabrera and his Youth Pastor, Frank Ambrosino. At 15 years of age, Nathan lost his mother to gang violence. While he and his siblings slept in their beds, a group of gang members entered the house to execute a revenge killing. They lost their mother that morning, September 10, 2007 through a single gun shot to the head. His siblings had to be separated and throughout all this hardship, Nathan never wavered in his faith. His desire is to bring his siblings together under one roof when he turns eighteen years old and currently is pursuing his ministry calling. Having an entrepreneur spirit, he and his Youth Pastor launched KO T-shirts, as a means for helping him achieve his goals of re-uniting his siblings and as a ministry geared toward reaching out to young people across the country. The message they bring is simple yet powerful and imparts a new hope, encouragement and motivation that everyone who believes can call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to have a victorious walk.

His passion to continue to his business while bringing his siblings back together truly touched me. He was so kind and generous, giving me a McJesus t-shirt to help him promote his business. I am so thankful and I look forward to working with Nathan in the future...

With Youth Pastor, Frank Ambrosino and Nathan Cabrera

I also met Sherrie Bailey, Associate Judge, Baltimore County Circuit Court, 3rd Judicial Circuit, since May 26, 2009...
and I "gained" a 2-week membership to Brick Bodies. These fitness gurus had me excercising in the cold! :D They were also extremely friendly and fun!

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