Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Volunteer Appreciation Party at the Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation

I had a wonderful time at the Believe in Tomorrow Children's Home Volunteer Party tonight... Mindy Weidman (pictured right), the Volunteer Coordinator, is so funny and was happy to see me! The staff was also excited to see that I had won the Galaxy pageant. If you ever want to volunteer helping children, they always need people to cook for the families, bake cookies or help clean. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. The organization is 100% nonprofit so volunteers are definitely needed! Contact Mindy:

While at the party, I met several people who had volunteered at the Children's Home for years, who also received the Lifetime Achievement Award. I also met Latter Day Saints volunteers (pictured below) who took many pictures with me. They were very kind and helpful.

Last December, my husband and I made Christmas dinner for the residents. I later returned with Maryland International contestants for cookie baking. I plan to return this summer to grill/cookout for the residents.

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