Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mrs. MD Int'l Pageant 2009

The Cocktail Party Enid Kelley, me, Deanna Linz, Laine Berry (Mrs. Int'l 2008), Sherry Benson (Director), Heather Ablondi (Mrs. MD Int'l 2008), Adrienne Carver, Peta-Gay Lewis, Darlene Carver

Niki Karl, Opening Number Coordinator, and I

Brittany Sullivan (Mrs. Teen MD Int'l 2008), me & Niki Karl

Deanna Linz and I

The Interviews
Peta-Gay and I were happy that the judges were so kind. We felt the interviews went very well.

Day 2 Rehearsal
Katie Rebekka and I
I am proud of Katie for receiving the interview award after working on it so hard!

My glamorous coach and Mrs. MD Int'l 2007, Terrianne Small, making all of her clients glamorous too!

Laura, me & Adrienne, Mrs. MD Int'l 2009

My handsome and supportive husband, Mardis, and I

Taking pictures backstage...

Peta-Gay giving encouraging words...

Me, Katie, Peta-Gay, Maris & Adrienne

Peta-Gay and I, forever pageant gals!

Lauren, Terrianne and I

Chatting backstage and awaiting the results...

My 30 second speech...

Ginny Meerman, pageant extraor(OMG! She wanted to take a picture with me!) and I
My Recap...

What an extraordinary experience—participating in the Mrs. Maryland International Pageant! I thank God for every opportunity He has provided me to share my story, to encourage others, be a friend and make friends. I love all of my pageant sisters, the teens and the preteens. This was truly an experience I will never forget.

From my pageant pal, Peta-Gay, and I sharing a room with waterfront view to my gorgeous husband walking out on the stage when I received the community service award… I told him, “Nobody called you!” But, he deserved to be on that stage with me because he put in just as many community service hours in at the same events!

I met the beautiful Laine Berry, Mrs. International 2008. She was such a sweet girl and very encouraging. I also met Clay Spann and he took a picture with my digital camera (OMG!).

I am proud of Adrienne Watson-Carver, the first triple-crown winner (queen for the International, United States and America pageants). She did a wonderful job and was a joy to be around. I will gladly accept her invitation to speak to the girls at her studio and the YWCA. Yesterday, I modeled in her fashion show at the Forest Park Country Club.

Congratulations to Deanna Linz, who placed 1st runner up and looked stunning in a royal blue gown. Deanna looked like a million dollars!

I won three awards: Community Service, Miss Congeniality, and Most Ads. I would like to say thank you to those who voted for me for the congenial award. I always joke around and say that if I never win a crown, I always win awards! Thus far, every pageant I have participated in I have won three awards in—usually Community Service (the reason why I even entered pageantry) and Miss Congenial (I guess I am a nice gal…)!

I went from not placing (LOL!) to placing! I am proud of myself and my improvements.

I am proud of every MRS. Contestant. We truly supported each other throughout the weekend… from Adrienne, Deanna and I holding hands to help each up other up the skinny steps on the stage, to Peta-Gay letting me borrow earrings and keeping me calm, to Deanna fixing dress tags and making us laugh, to Adrienne helping others keep their count during the opening number dance, to Darlene’s encouragement, and Enid’s kind words… we truly are “sisters” in pageantry.

I must reiterate that every single contestant is a queen. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to let each one know before the pageant. I am happy to have had the opportunity to not only participate, but to share my story of survival of incest.

On to the next feat…

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