Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Maryland Galaxy Pageant

I seemed to be very calm on pageant day… I talked to the contestants and was very hungry. I was too excited to see pizza delivered to our dressing room from Rachel.

I honestly did not expect to win the pageant. As I have already shared, I had some wonderful competition! Nicole Brown (1st Runner Up) and Jonzetta Carter (2nd Runner Up) are both very beautiful women who are very poised and eloquent speakers, dedicated to their communities and congenial. If I could have crowned them as well, I definitely would have. However, with or without a crown, they are both truly queens. With Nicole’s radiant smile and Jonzetta’s “fashionista” style and wardrobe, they are both destined for greatness in pageantry!

I made a couple of bloopers during the actual pageant but I had a great time overall. I was so shocked when I won which was clearly displayed all over my face! :D I cried so hard that the audience probably thought I hurt myself! I prayed about the pageant and at that moment, I believed that God has blessed me with an answered prayer. Mardis seemed just as excited as I was and he seemed to have shed a tear himself (even though he probably will not admit it!). Mardis saw all of the hard work I put in behind the scenes and he was so pleased to see a grand outcome from it.

This day changed my life. I will never forget it and I am so grateful for the opportunity!

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