Friday, March 27, 2009

My Thoughts Before the Pageant (only a week away now!)

A week from today, I will be participating in the Mrs. Maryland International Pageant. In anticipating this exciting event, there are several things I want to say:

  1. Sherry Benson is a thoughtful and wonderful director! To those who live Maryland considering this pageant next year, go for it!
  2. God's blessings to all the contestants! No matter who wins, we are all God's queens! If we stay focused on Him, we will one day receive a crown from Him! It is important to be confident in yourself more than competitive... Confidence will lead to lifelong success, while being competitive could lead to roads that you should not trek upon. Believe in yourself always, not just the day of the pageant! I am so happy to have met such wonderful queens. I hope that we all stay in touch even after the pageant. To Peta-Gay--I love you girlie! To Deanna--I will see and support you at the walk for Carter! :D
  3. Thanks to all who believe in me and sponsored me. A special tribute to my sponsors can be seen below:

Finally, I realize that while it will be a great honor to win the pageant, I have an important task ahead whether I win or not. As of now, I have a mother who is still closer to my pedophile than she is to me, 2 sisters who see me as a role model, 6 students in my classroom that are currently being sexually abused and who reached out to me for help, several teen girls in my Queendom T.E.A. program who are counting on me to be a leader for them, an organization (Stop the Silence) who is counting on me to be an effective spokesperson and several people around the United States and in other countries who have contacted me for advice and help in healing from sexual abuse. I must promote the awareness of sexual abuse. While a title may help, not recieving a title cannot stop me. I believe it is my God given responsibility to continue to speak out against this heinous crime.


  1. LaQuisha you are so right about having a message to share. You have an ability to get others to open up and acknowledge the situation they are in but better yet to seek the assistance they need to get out of it and have faith that the Lord will guide their steps as they do so.

    Win or lose you are my definition of what Mrs. Maryland International should be.

    I can't wait for next Friday to come. Its going to be like a sleep-over but we will have to remember not to talk all night long since we will have to wake up early on Saturday.

  2. Good Luck!! I am rooting for you all the way!! Your in my or no crown your message will con. to be heard!! I am blessed to have such a great person in my truly help make this a great pageant experiance!!

  3. I just finally watched your sponsors thank you video. Thank you for mentioning me. I am cheesing from ear to ear.


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