Monday, February 2, 2009

Volunteering at MPT for Stop the Silence

Stop the Silence provided volunteers tonight for MPT. Pam, the founder and CEO, and I got to meet and interview with Rhea on live television! I was nervous, but I think I did well. I am very thankful for the opportunities Stop the Silence and Pam, who eagerly told viewers that I was her International Spokesperson, have afforded me. (Of course, I would have my eyes closed in this picture!)
MPT is a great place to volunteer. It is located in Owings Mills and the people are so friendly.

A teen volunteer for Stop the Silence.

Pam and Mardis, who both had a great time. It was Pam's first time at MPT and she was excited. Although I told her not to, Pam thanked me over and over for helping to provide Stop the Silence with this opportunity.

The teens were just as excited to volunteer, especially with the knowledge that they were on live television.

The Stop the Silence MPT Volunteer crew, who all looked lovely in their Stop the Silence hats and t-shirts!

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