Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Break the Silence Accepts My Artwork!

Jesus Heals (1/09)

Butter Fly (1/09)

Sexual abuse affects everyone. It can happen to anyone - regardless of gender, age, location, race, class, ability, or lifestyle. If you have not experienced it yourself, the unfortunate reality is that someone close to you probably has.

While resources continue to grow, many factors can make it difficult for those who have experienced sexual violence to speak out about it or get the support that they may want. When it’s not talked about, the consequences and impact that this issue has for all of us cannot be fully realized.

Break the Silence project encourages the exploration of issues surrounding sexual abuse through creative means in order to promote self-expression, to provide a possibility for healing and community-building, and to further raise public awareness and dialogue on these subjects.

For the time being, submissions to the project are being showcased on the website: http://breakthesilenceproject.com/. As the project grows, future possibilities include showing the work as a traveling exhibition and in book form to help bring attention to this important subject.

I helped to break the silence. I submitted a poem and the two pictures above. Didn't know I was an artist, huh?

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