Saturday, January 31, 2009 Changed My Life!

I have completed 85 actions through since beginning my journey on this extraordinary website and recruited 333 people to do the same. I also was able to raise $500 for Stop the Silence through the generous supporters we have gained. To date, we have gained 939 supporters from 53 countries. In addition, because has committed to funding gifts to various countries as a sign of support to their partner organizations, I have been able to give the following gifts to very dear friends:

  • Donations to Friends of the World Food Program: A child dies every five seconds from hunger or hunger-related causes. My gifts will provide two cups of rice to two of the 923 million people across the world who is hungry today.

  • Donations to The concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has increased by more than 30% since the industrial revolution and is the primary fuel for global warming. My gifts will fund renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects that offset 10 pounds of carbon emissions.

  • Donations to Operation USA: One billion people do not have clean water to drink, and impure water is one of the leading causes of global infant mortality. My gifts will provide easy-to-use water purification tablets to provide clean drinking water for two days.

  • Donations to The Nature Conservancy Home: Two-thirds of all the living animal and plant species on Earth and the source of 28% of the world's oxygen, rainforests are critical to the global ecosystem. Yet an acre of this precious habitat is destroyed every second. My gifts will protect 20 square feet of the rainforest against the reckless destruction threatening Earth's future.

  • Donations to Room To Read: Only education can empower future generations to break the cycle of poverty. But 850 million people around the world cannot even read or write their own names. My gifts will fund a child's access to a book for two days, which is two more days that child is likely to stay in school and prepare for a better future.

  • Donations to In Defense of Animals: More than 50 million animals suffer and die in the fur industry every year. In the U.S., virtually no federal law exists to protect fur-bearing animals raised on fur farms or caught in traps. My gifts will pay for two anti-fur leaflet, which will be used to spread awareness of this cruel industry.

  • Donations to HelpUSA: Across America there are hundreds of thousands of people without shelter every night. And now families with children and veterans are joining the homeless in ever-increasing numbers as the economy worsens. My gifts will allow a shelter to provide a warm blanket for two nights. Such basic comfort and refuge is the first step to rebuilding a life.

  • Donations to the American Foundation For Children With AIDS: Nearly 300,000 children die from AIDS-related illnesses each year. And young people under 25 account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide. My gifts will fund two days of antibiotics to help prevent a child with HIV from developing AIDS.

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