Saturday, November 22, 2008

W.A.V.E. Pieces for Peace Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Awareness Event at Owings Mills Safeway

I came up with the idea for this event by thinking about how violence can be escalated around the holiday season. As the chair of this event, I came up with idea of "Pie for Peace", where we would distribute hotline and contact information for Turn Around, Inc. along with some type of edible treat. However, after discussing this idea with other members of W.A.V.E., we realized that although it was a good idea, it would be better to distribute a prepackaged item with the information. Thus, we came up with "Pieces for Peace"; we decided to distribute the information with Reese's Pieces instead.

I cannot express the happiness I felt after this event. We met women who said they would contact us because they needed help, women who were directors of various organizations who said they would call us to make presentations to their organization, and we met people who said they knew someone who was being victimized and that they would pass the information on to them. I was disappointed that there were some who refused to pass the information along, but for as many refusals, we received even more supporters!

What was even better about this event was that I met students that I taught as far back as five years ago! Janae and Ashley looked beautiful and seemed to be destined toward continued greatness! I was so proud...

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