Sunday, June 1, 2008

Queendom: Empowering the Lives of Young Ladies

I began a nonprofit organization, Queendom ®. The mission is to aid teenage females in becoming positive ladies by educating, encouraging, mentoring and counseling them in workshops, while supplying a supportive environment and access female community leaders.

With over five years of teaching experience in the Baltimore City Public School System, I have a healthy understanding and familiarity of the real pressures that teenage girls are challenged with. I designed Queendom® to mentor and provide a strong and evolving moral support base for them.

Participants of The Etiquette Academy (T.E.A.1) will meet weekly in a three month development program. It will culminate with pageantry-style production, with a formal closing ceremony allowing participants to display their poise, personal growth and elegance.

Participants of Teenagers Escaping Abuse (T.E.A.2) will attend bi-weekly group sex abuse counseling sessions, carefully designed to nurture and build esteem and trust of teenage victims of sexual abuse.
It will be a continuous honor for my Queendom® program to champion teenage girls toward becoming the young ladies and queens they are destined to be.

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