Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chosen as the Director of GIRL POWER 2013 Girls Conference

2008 Silent Tears No More Speaker
I am so excited that I was chosen by Carolyn, Founder of Sisters 4 Sisters, Inc., as the Director for this phenomenal and anticipated event! I am accustomed to mentoring 40 or a little more girls at a time, but I have never hosted a conference for 150 girls! It is an honor to have this organization believe in me and my work as an entrepreneur and mentor. I am grateful for those who have already reached out a hand of support. Just think, this all began in 2008 from one presentation I gave on sexual and domestic violence. My work in the community for this important cause has really paid off in a big way. If you are giving back and feel discouraged, keep going--you, too, will see outstanding results! Stay tuned for more details to come. 

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