Sunday, June 3, 2012

Senora Verano 2012 Pageant

I had a great time attending this pageant! I was invited by my friend and the director, Daisy Barba, to see the Senora Verano ("Miss Summer") pageant! I was joined with some fabulous queens from various systems! In the above photo, we were all asked to go on stage and introduce ourselves. We received VIP treatment the entire evening!
We knew Rubi would win! Taking photos backstage.
Layilah, Miss Teen Maryland International 2012, was such a cutie!
I know both winners, Rubi and Raiza! Congratulations again, queens!
Here I am joined by one of my Language Arts students and 2012 Lovely Ladybug mentees, Kaiyaa. After her crowning ceremony, she asked me if girls really wore dresses like the one she wore and if pageants were real. I explained briefly that the world of pageant is real. She exclaimed shared she wanted to see one "real bad" in person. I made the arrangements and she accompanied me this weekend. What a joy it was to have her along and she the excitement in response. Now, she wants to do a pageant! I love this lady... :)

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