Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tween Summit & Black Doll Christmas in July Delivery

I opened the camp with a fun fact about Maryland to prepare the girls for Mrs. Maryland! :)

This was a wonderful end to a very long day and week. The girls were super confident before and after we left! Aisha and I had a blast! :) Carolyn Washington, founder of Sisters 4 Sisters and the hostess of this camp, sent me this message on Facebook: "Ohhh Wow, thanks so much for blessing the camp with your beautiful presentation, the girls were so appreciative and grateful. I appreciate so much your heart which is so sincere for our Girls. I am very touched. One of the little girls asked "Ms Washington do I put the doll back ..I said no Baby it's your Doll, she smiled so brightly and I nearly broke down in tears. She said I can keep my doll...and I said yes...Sis, this truly was a blessing to my heart!" Thank you, Dana and Aisha for helping to make this possible...
 The phenomenal queen, Tamika Hall, Mrs. Maryland United States 2011, speaks to the young ladies before the Black Dolls workshop. 

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