Monday, April 11, 2011

"To Kill A Kelpie"

This was one of the most powerful, tear-jerking sexual assault awareness events I have ever attended. I am glad to support Stop the Silence in my role as their spokesperson and the Queendom T.E.A. Director. This organization has done so much to help communities--this event was one not to be missed! I also got to meet up with Sandra, a past board member and current supporter of Queendom T.E.A., Carmen, a current board member and see the excitement of Pamela Pine for this wonderful production!

Stop the Silence brought in a playwright from Europe to perform his play in San Francisco, Chicago and D.C. I was so glad to meet the two actors. It is amazing how survivors can meet and make immediate connections--all too often because our stories are similar. It is like hearing your life being repeated in someone else's. While I would rather hear of happier similar experience, it is good to know that you are not alone...
‘To Kill A Kelpie’ is about the unfolding and sharing of a secret between two adult brothers that has never been spoken of before. A ‘Kelpie’ is widely known as a devious creature lurking in the depths of highland lochs. When two grown brothers reunite, following the death of their uncle, they realize that his gruesome tales of a child-devouring monster were simply a climate of fear created to ensure their silence and cooperation during years of sexual abuse. In this unconventional drama, we meet two men talking to the children they were. Still unsure whether there might be any truth in the Kelpie stories, they face one another like a mirror to open painful boxes of sexual confusion, self doubt, and shame, while endeavoring honestly to end the silence and open their minds enough to consider what it would take ‘To kill a Kelpie’.

This April has been one of the best awareness months to date... :)

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