Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My "Calling"

I deal with some pretty tough situations as an inner city teacher... I go to work everyday. I always have a lesson plan. I teach everyday. I act as a sounding board for many students, especially the girls in Queendom T.E.A. I truly attempt to show the kids that I care. Some students can really "take you there" through being disrespectful or by simply not listening to any good advice that is given to them. I cannot take but so many "smacks in the face"...

I have tried to be an advocate and a sound voice for my students, encouraging them and helping when they become frustrated, however, often times they turn away from all positive influences to look cool in front of the negative influences. This not only saddens me, but makes me sick to my stomach and often makes me question whether or not I should continue in education--not because kids are being kids, but because I am simply tired of reminding them that they are kids.

When I get to this point, I am reminded by dear friends, like Ms. Roque, my previous classroom co-teacher who no longer teaches with me but often thinks of me, who surprised with the beautiful bracelet (pictured) for Thanksgiving. 

Or, I will decide to give up talking to the same kids over and over and take the "It's your life" approach. But then, I will receive a message from an unexpected student, like I did today: "Your One Of The Best Teachers In The Whole Wide World . Even Though You Keep It TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Real , I Know Its Only Cause You Care ! ilyh Your Words " If I Dont Correct Ya BEHAVIOR Then You Worrie " Prof. Hall ilyh". 

Or I vent my frustrations via my personal Facebook page. After a stressful day, a dear Facebook friend reminded me that I needed to focus on the "one girl who receives all that love you give and learns some things that will change her life in the most positive way". Right after receiving that advice, I saw one of my queens walk into my classroom with her crown on her head from last year's Crowning Ceremony... From now on, I am focusing on that "ONE" girl... ♥

I have been told many, many times that encouraging, working with and teaching youth is my "callling". Well, I am calling on God to help me with this calling because sometimes it seems unbearable. If the Lord keeps sending me these small "You Can Do It" tokens, I think I can make it. Thank God for Thanksgiving Break!

Just venting... :)

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