Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letting the Thunder Roll...

I did not realize until tonight how much I am bothered by the following phrase(s):
Don't talk about a man of God! -or- The BIBLE says, "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm." 

I am anointed too and should not have been touched... 

I understand... However, all people who profess to be men and women of God aren't. I was baptized AND abused by a man who is STILL pastoring a a church. It grinds my gears to hear people say not to "touch" them when many of them feel inclined to "touch" children... Don't be mad--I'm just saying... Yes, God will deal with the person in His time... but in the meantime, I need to warn my fellow sisters and brothers so that they don't endure the same pain I did.

While engaging in this discussion with a Facebook friend, one of their friends jumped in and said, "Funny thing is nobody has a right to put their mouth on anybody.. It doesn't matter if you're the most notorious child serial killer in the world or the holiest Bible thumper ever in the end we are ALL nothing more then a pile of dirt!!"

This is true, but I refuse to sit back and be quiet about something that will hurt others. Children still attend his church--just because he "preaches" does not mean I should not say anything. Child molestation is nothing to be silent about and I won't. God knows my heart and He knows that I don't want to see anyone go through what I did. Call it what you want, but I feel God wanted me to be a voice for those who have been victimized.

The person came back and said (following someone "liking" his comment), "This is true Miss Hall.. But its also all in how you present it."

I am wondering how this person expects child molestation to be presented? Would they like a power point presentation of graphic pictures? Would they like to listen to the sounds that could come from such an event? Would they like it presented in a coffin with the corpse of a victim who was made to feel worthless? Or better yet, why don't we present it by watching it actually happen before our eyes? Besides, that is what we are doing anyways by being silent about the issue. 

What a smack in the face... A child is hurt by an adult, but we have to "present" it pleasantly... I will admit, I have not been this angry for quite some time. My anger did not necessarily stem from my past abuse, but the fact that people think this way...

I am thankful for the lady who came back and said, "Great courage LaQuisha...I applaud your openness...truth of it all is too many things are kept silent in church and ppl think it is okay...if we call some of this mess out just maybe there will be less harm or injury done to folks in the church...abusive behaviors by clergy IS NOT appropriate nor should it be tolerated period...now if the shoe were on the other foot I wonder how many ppl would want the abuse kept behind closed doors or swept under the rug as we sometimes call it???"

I guess if I was abused by the mail man it would be OK for me to talk about...

I am sick of people thinking that just because a man or a woman wears a collar or a cross around his or her neck that he or she is instantly holy. HELLO! Read the Bible people!! BE WARNED: the devil quotes scriptures too AND he wears sheep's clothing! 

If I had my way, it would be really loud on earth because I would DESTROY silence.

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  1. You are speaking nothing but the truth! Keep standing up and speaking out.


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