Friday, March 19, 2010

"Elite" Pajama Judge!

I judged the Pajama Contest for the Elite Female Mentoring Organization at their 2nd Annual Heart-2-Heart retreat. Kimmoly Rice-Olgetree put on such a great event for the mother and daughter duos! I was elated to be a part of it!  

I wore my pajamas too! My two "assistants" helped me model them before the group. My pajama tribute was, but of course, dedicated to Michael Jackson. (Don't ask...)
The "first runners-up" in the contest won some beautiful Nine West hand bags!
The trio winners also won hand bags and mom won a visit to a local spa! Oh, why didn't I register?? LOL!
Busting a dance move during the Cha-Cha slide...
Helping the children bust some moves too... :)
I had a wonderful time and owe it all to the fabulous Kimmoly Rice-Olgetree and beautiful participants! Looking forward to next year... ;)

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