Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Daily Blessings Journal

I am blessed to have some special and royal friends in Colorado! :D They are currently trying to organize a trip for me to visit them, which I think is so sweet! They had an email exchange, all about me and how much I have inspired them... So, CO, here I come! ;)

Here is the conversation that touched my heart:

Michelle: This is a great plan. You know I love to encourage people, so I get a full year to help someone! This sounds wonderful!

Laura: I totally agree with Michelle! I am in! I liked how you provided a wish list for the queen. Since I didn't know her, that was helpful. I also asked my queen if she wanted to write back and forth so maybe I get two pen pals :) This time around, I will throw in some surprises :) I love your heart, LaQuisha! I wish we lived closer so we could meet in person. If you ever come to CO, look me up :)

Brenda: I agree Michelle! I would make the drive through a blizzard if we can get her to Denver. So Laura, what part of CO are you in???

Laura: OK, Michelle and Brenda...let's get her here! You heard us, LaQuisha :) Brenda, I am in Aurora/Centennial area. Where are you?!!!

Michelle: We'll figgure out a way to get you here, one way or another!

Laura: OK, Michelle, Brenda and LaQuisha, let's do this thing! I love the idea of volunteering together- would be so special! Let's pray on this. If it is His will, he will make it happen :) I have seen this year in particular how people who didn't know each other can connect and make huge differences! Yours in friendship, Laura

Brenda: Hi Laura, I am in Montrose, about 60 miles from the Utah boarder, near Telluride.

Janet: Keep me posted on making appearances together. I spend a lot of time in Arizona, so I might be able to join you.

Lots of smiles, LaQuisha

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  1. LaQuisha and Roni are a perfect team to get running for nationals. Hope you get Queendom going in Meeker. Still thinking about it here in Montrose, but not sure yet. STARS has me hopping and they are very similar. Ok, that is 4 CO queens that need to meet you LaQuisha. Start planning!!"


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