Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Daily Blessings Journal

My blessing today is having the ability to "adopt" a 5th child after "adopting" a family of 4 children. This Christmas, during a year where many are unemployed, I am able to buy enough toys for five children to wake up on Christmas day. This is a definite blessing...

Also, Alison H., a pageant buddy of mine, requested my address to send me a Christmas card. I feel this is a blessing because she thought of me to send me a message and to send me a card. What a sweetie...

Next, Bea Gill. Need I say more? She has been such a positive force and encouragement to me! How do I find these people? She has been in my corner for the past few months and I really don't think she knows how much I appreciate her many encouragement emails, giving me phone number so that I can call her if I "ever need to talk", her support of my Secret Queen exchange idea, etc. (I am probably going to post a link to this on her Facebook profile!) I love and need more positive people in my life like her...

I am also blessed to have so many people request to support Queendom T.E.A, either financially or through becoming a facilitator.

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  1. I do read your blog, but hadn't had a chance this past week...and I was SO touched to read what you had to say about ME! The truth is, LaQuisha, YOU are truly a special individual and it would be hard for me to NOT be drawn to your energy! YOU are a superstar and I adore you and our friendship! I will ALWAYS BE IN YOUR CORNER!


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