Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meeting My Adopted Family

Today I completed my 100th and final appearance as Mrs. Maryland Galaxy 2009! I am very thankful to have completed this goal that I made on April 20th this year--the day after I won the pageant... a few people laughed when I shared this goal, joking that I was just "too excited". But my excitement turned into a reality today and I am blessed!
This was such a great way to end: volunteering with one my adopted families at Holiday Yappy Hour at Pooches and Purrs!

I am with Theresa, who had tons to share with me upon my arrival. She could not wait to wear the crown and wants to be a star one day. Her dream is becoming a famous singer. I shared with her how my own dreams have come true to offer her encouragement. She was so happy...

Theresa made me wear the reindeer ears and kept my crown! :D

I believe in Theresa, that she will one day see her dreams come true.

During this visit, I met many "festive" animals. This was such a beautiful black lab!

Theresa's sister Mary is also a star in the making! :D

The entire family, minus the baby boy, who was attempting to take a nap... Mackenzie is pictured in the front. She, too, was a little gem!

Theresa shares her talent of singing with the audience by singing Christmas carols.

It seemed that Theresa did not want me to leave. So, we made plans to visit the aquarium next summer. In the meantime, she made me promise to stay in touch with her on Facebook! Such a wonderful day and blessing! :D

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  1. John, FatherDecember 17, 2009

    we were Honored to meet you and have you with us. you are a Beautiful woman with a heart of Gold. I enjoyed getting the chance to meet you & Marcus. Thank You again. God Bless


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