Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got another letter from the Congo! :D

One of my sponsored women, Sifa Munganga, who lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, recently sent me another letter! I was so excited to hear from her as it can be a long process of exchanging letters because they have to be translated first. She is only three years older than me, but she has experienced so much more...Sifa was born in the Bukaire, Kabare zone and believes in the Lord. She is an only child, but she had 6 children (2 passed away).Sifa says at the end of her latest letter to me, "I do thank the Lord for the supporting help you have sent me... Thanks a lot my dearest!" Sifa always refers to me as "My Dear LaQuisha", which makes me feel so good. She truly appreciates my help and support. I cannot fully express how cool it is to have a friend in the Congo, or even another country! Sifa, a woman who may have said my name or smiled when they received one of my many colorful notes thousands of miles away. I am thankful that I am in a position to be able to help her...

My letter from Sifa, written in her language. I think this is so cool! :D It was translated by a nonprofit, Women for Women International, in D.C.

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